Sunday, May 25, 2008

clock is ticking

i've been squeezing in only 35 mile rides in the mornings. Nothing too exciting, i pass by few wineries, a couple of farmers selling fruits on the corners I've been juggling my time amongst packing all my things for the Big Ride and Optometry school, planning mine and j's bday party, finishing up the Big Ride Jersey that I designed for the American Lung Association and tying up all the loose ends before I take off. you see, I'm not coming back home. The moment I finish riding my bike and arrive at D.C., I fly out to Puerto Rico where i'll be going to optometry school. I haven't told my mom i won't be coming home after the ride because i know she'll freak out. But, I'll have to tell her soon. In any case, I finally found a place to live, its a 10x10 room for $375. It's pretty close to campus, but as soon as i get comfortable with my surroundings, i think i'll move closer towards the beach. I checked online, beach front studio or 1 bdrm apts for $800. That's a bargain. Try paying for that in california.
(to the left: J making corrections/improvements to the final event for our bday party)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ride update

To keep everyone updated on my training, I have logged in 1877.5 miles on my bike since January. But, it might be a little more since I go to spin class at 24 hr fitness twice sometimes three times a week. In may, I completed the Lodi Sunrise Century and the Delta Century. The Lodi Century was a pleasant ride, especially the last 15 miles, which had a tailwind to push me along. The Delta Century, on the other hand, was like riding through hell. The temperature reached the exact number of miles we covered, 102. I rode the Delta century with my buddy Ed, who's doing the big ride with me, as well. We've been riding together for the last four years with many rides up old la honda, through tunistas creek, climbing Mt. Hamilton and the marin headlands. come to think of it, I don't think i'd be doing the Big Ride if it weren't for him. Thanks, Ed for being my bike buddy. Also, I wouldn't be riding across country if it weren't for all of my supporters. A huge THANKS to everyone who donated. But, I am forever grateful to have my mother play such a pivotal role in my fundraising. More than half came from the San Joaquin County Sheriffs department (that's where my mom works). If it weren't for her I wouldn't be close to reaching my goal. Even when she went to the hospital to remove her gall bladder she still was concerned about how my fundraising is coming along. what a woman, eh? Thanks, Mom.