Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 39 Sandusky to Burton July 31st 92 miles and Aug 1st (rest day)

simon and noah dipped their big toes into Lake Erie and claim that they were "in" Lake Erie. If you want to be "in" at least get your boys in the water. Ed did his best "noah" impression and superman'd off his bike. Fortunately his capoforma bib and pink jersey didn't get damaged in the fall...close call, buddy. (fyi, ed turned back to look for traffic and a moment later his front tire twisted 90 degrees into a pothole)

steve, rueben and i couldn't decide whats so great about cleveland...
until we saw the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. I'm not sure if the people were giving us funny looks because we were wearing spandex or because ed was wearing spandex with a pink blouse. But, those rock 'n roll guys they came to check out (like mick jagger, david bowie, madonna and her snow cone lingerie outfit, had way funkier clothes than us).
We had our rest day here in Burton. I wanted to go to Canton and check out the NFL HOF, but no one wanted to rent a car and drive an 1.5 hours to see dead footballers they don't know about. After dinner, half the sky was perfectly clear and the other half covered in clouds and lightning. I rushed back to camp to put my rainfly on my tent but neglected to stake my tent down (as always). The weather's strange here. Absolutely no wind. and then without warning, gusts of wind so strong it blew my tent poles into me when i was sleeping. Good thing i put all my bags in my tent, otherwise i'd probably get blown away.

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