Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 41 Burton to New Waterford 58 miles

This ride happened so fast I can’t remember anything special about this ride, other than joe getting pranked by himself. Joe saw Rueben, chad and steve catching fireflies (aka lightning bugs) in Dixie cups and wanted to join in on the fun. They told him they were going to throw them into rachel’s tent and needed him to distract her. Joe had a conniving smile and was all over it. The guys seized their opportunity and instead threw the fireflies into joe's tent.

Noteworthy: Throughout the big ride many riders haven’t quite developed their intestinal tract and have major gas at all times of the day. The guys termed the running-from-behind-jump-up-and-fart-in-your-face the “fump” and the riding-from-behind-and-fart-in-your-face, the “fike”. Pictured above Ed perfected the "fike" and steve literally got ran off this road and into the grassy ditch because of it.

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